Persuasive 2015

After a few years of absence, 2015 marked my return to the Persuasive Technology conferences – this year held in beautiful Chicago.


Having been away for a few years, attending Persuasive 2015 very much felt like coming home, and it was amazing to discuss my work with researchers who understand my background. At the same time, it stille strikes me as one of the most intimidating conference scenes, as I am presenting my work to field experts. Many other places, I can wow people simply by talking about stuff like Persuasion, Kairos and Sustainable behaviour change, but with this particular crowd, it takes a lot more to impress.

I was happy to have a full paper to present, and even more happy to find it well received. The paper Acttention – Influencing Communities of Practice with Persuasive Learning Designs, presents some of the general aspects of my work with the Danish army, and is available here

Hopefully, I will be able to present another couple of papers next year, when Persuasive 2016 takes place in Salzburg

Fun, games and creative design processes

A couple of weeks ago, I facilitated a Makey Makey workshop as part of my lecturing on the 6th semester Human Centred Informatics.  The semester has a strong focus on design methodologies and the Makey Makey workshop is part of the semesters work with user centred design approaches.



Makey Makey is easy to use, and really does allow people to be creative in their design processes. For my students, the aim of the first workshop was to turn them into Makey Makey experts – so that they will be able to use Makey Makey when they plan their own workshops next time we meet.

Apart from the Makey Makey tool kits, I had brough along a nice range of play dough, sweets (winegums) pencils, paper and tin foil. The students were given two assignments, and then left to explore and about 15 minuts later, the firs group were busy playing Guitar Hero on Play dough buttons. A little while later, another group were busy playing Skyrim while using one of the team members as a gun (slapping his face equalled pulling the trigger).

As for applying Makey Makey in a design workshop, I am right now under the impression that it is best used either to bridge between low fi and high fi prototypes, or simply as a collaboration exersize.

January joy

One of the major benefits of my job, is the opportunity to occasionally work from home. This is particularly nice in January, when everything is wet, cold and grey outside, whilst my living room at home comes with a nice warm fireplace and my kitchen provides all the coffee I can possibly wish for.


I am currently working my way through grading a little more than 100 exam papers. I suspect I may be here for a while…

War mongering on the East front

One of the many pleasures of collaborating with the Danish army, involves my occasional visits to Danish army bases. In November 2014, we spent a couple of days at the Danish Island Bornholm, where we tested the first prototype of the Acttention learning game for drafted recruits.

Acttention is a situation and location based learning game which aim to supplement or replace the currently applied e-learning courses in appropriate waste mangement in the Danish army. The idea is to not just inform the recruits about rules, regulations and expectations, but to motivate a more sustainable attitude and behaviour change.

I contribute with a theoretical framework for persuasive learning designs, research management in accordance with the Design Based Research approach, as well as evaluation and dissemination of results.

I presented our preliminary findings at Becc 2014 in Washington in December, and am now looking forward to two more iterations of testing and evaluating in the coming months.