Sandra Burri Gram-Hansen

Current Affiliation: Teachning Assistant Professor at E-Learning Lab, Center for User driven Design, Learning and Innovation, Department of Communication and Psychology, Aalborg University, Denmark.

Family:  Born in Viborg, Denmark, the 10th of October 1980. Married to Lasse, three sons, Sebastian (2007) and Victor (2009) and Daniel (2012)

Personal profile

I am determined and goal oriented by default, and I thrive in a hectic and interchangeable environment. As a teacher and supervisor, I am well organised and structured, and strive to appear approachable to my students – mostly by adding a bit of humour to my lectures, and by consistently articulating the relevance of the subjects I introduce. As a researcher, I am particularly driven by explorative and creative collaboration with users and domain experts. Both in teaching and in research I am particularly fascinated and excited about designs which bridge between the physical and digital realms.

Educational background

2017 – Ph.D. in Persuasive Design

  • On 20. January 2017, I defended my Ph.D. dissertation; Persuasive Designs for Learning – Learning in Persuasive design

2010 – MSc Information Technology (Information Architecture), Aalborg University

  • I graduated Cum Laude from the Elite Program in Persuasive Design at Aalborg University. My Master Thesis was paper based and introduced the notion of Persuasive Everyware

2007 – BA in Information Science, Aalborg University, Denmark

  • I initiated my Bachelor studies at Copenhagen Business School, where I studied computational linguistics and English. After the 4th semester, I transferred to Aalborg University, where I completed my degree on the 5th and 6th semester Human Centred Informatics.

Relevant courses and certificates

2015 – Adjunkt pædagogikum (professional postgraduate teacher training) Aalborg University

2015 – CEFR English teaching certification at level C1


Relevant work experience

Aalborg University

  • 2016 – Assistant professor ad interim, Aalborg Universitet, Department of Communication and Psychology

Aalborg University

  • 2011- 2016 Teaching Assistant Professor and Ph.d. Fellow at Aalborg University, Department of Communication and Psychology

Aalborg University

  • 2010-2011 Research assistant, Aalborg Universitet (Center for Computer Mediated Epistemology)


  • 2006-2009 Translations and Lokalisation Professional at KMD (Student Position)

Selected Projects

Persuasive Designs for Learning – Learning in Persuasive Design

  • In the period 2011-2016 I conducted my Ph.D. during which I have demonstrated not only my ability do research, but also my qualifications in relation to project management.

Samskabende Grøn Omstilling (Co-Creation for Sustainability)

  • In 2016, I joined the AAU project group involved in the EU funded research project Co-Creation for Sustainability. The project comprises a collaboration between Danish and Swedish researchers and municipality workers, and aims to explore the potential of applying co-creation between citizens and municipality officials in relation to green transition.

Grønne Etablissementer (Green Army Barracks)

  • Project Green Army Barracks was a conducted by the Danish Ministry of Defence as part of the endeavour to transform the Danish military into a more climate friendly and sustainable organisation. While the central focus of the project was to improve military establishements in order to lower energy consumption, I contributed with a human centered perspective on green transition, and a focus on facilitating a user behaviour change to comply with the project ambitions.


  • Euro-PLOT was a research project funded by the EU Lifelong learning programme. The project aimed to explore the practical and theoretical cross field between persuasive technologies and digital learning. I was part of the project consortium, and was actively involved in collaboration with the different international partners. Moreover, I authored 3 of the AAU project deliverables and conducted tests and documentation of the developed persuasive learning designs.

Language skills

  • Danish: Fluently, Spoken and written
  • English: Fluently, Spoken and written
  • German: Proficient, Spoken